Thursday, August 13, 2009

Boyfriend Wearing My Panties

I convinced my boyfriend to wear my panties for fun...but, I ended up getting extremely turned on so we had sex while he was still wearing my panties. It was hot. He looked so He likes it, knowing that I love it. So, he said we definately were doing that again

Girls Thoughts On Guys Wearing Panties

I know some straight guys who love to wear panties, and believe me...they're STRAIGHT!. Communication is the key. I think it's pretty harmless. Why not, if it turns him on, and he has fun? Just talk to him and keep the communication flowing. i wouldn't worry about it. most men wearing panties are heterosexuals. on the bright side, at least you have more in common than most hetero couples. you're more likely to be able to get better gifts for each other, perhaps matching panties.

Womans Thoughts On Men Wearing Panties

I have never had a boyfriend who liked women's lingerie, but I'm so liberal and open minded, i don't think I'd care. I prefer to date guys who are more in touch with there fem side anyway, so i doubt men wearing women's panties would bother me. I don't see what the big deal is, it's just clothing. It doesn't change the man on the inside. In fact, all the more power to whatever guy wears panties! It means they're comfortable enough with themselves, and confidence is sexy, regardless of what underwear they're wearing.

Woman Like Guys Wearing Panties

My first experience with panties was when a former girlfriend asked me to wear them. I was hesitant at first, but when I saw how hot it was making her how could I say no. Even after that relationship ended, I continue to wear panties whenever possible. I am married now, and my wife knows about my fetish and also enjoys seeing me in panties.

Wife Asked Me To Wear Panties

Early in our relationship, my wife talked me into wearing her panties. At first it was exciting because it's taboo. Rather than visual, it became a very comfortable thing, I realized certain styles and fabrics are more comfortable than guy's underwear. Now, heck it's simpler for the wife and I to share undergarments.

Wife Turned On By Guys In Panties

I told my husband once that I wanted him to try my panties on but I was only joking to see if he really would and he did. At first I thought it was funny and he did too. Then about a month later he put a pair on again for a second and it turned me on and we had the best sex.

Woman Turned On By Guys In Panties

Lots of men wear panties. They are sexy, a turn-on and can be very comfortable. If you are ok with it, embrace it and add a little spice to your relationship. Take your husband pantie shopping. It really can be a lot of fun.